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How Vaibhav found her Soulmate

My name is Vaibhav Sharma, I am 28 years old and my hometown is in Surat. Being from a traditional Gujarati family, finding a girl who could easily be an inclusive part of my family was a tough task. Then, my brother Vikas suggested me to register at 'Sanskar wedding.' I thought of giving it a try and made an account with my brother's help. After a week I came across Roshni's profile. At first glance itself, I was impressed with her and after reading her bio I became even more intrigued. We started chatting for a week and then exchanged numbers. After ten days we decided to meet, and that was the moment when we realized that we wanted to take it further. Very soon our families were involved in it and after a month, on the 7th of Jun 2018, our engagement was fixed. Exactly after six months, on the 7th of Jan 2019, we got married. I got my soulmate and more importantly, she was from a family with similar values. A big thanks to Sanskar Wedding.